Paint the Rainbow Movement


“Stop thinking and end your problems”Lao Tzu (ca 600 B.C.E.)

老子 (公元前600年) 絕想無憂是太極中追求心無雜念。



以“五色”的微妙能量為中心,或將五色的微妙能量加入到平靜心靈,是太極實踐的目標。如果你是第一次吃或者喝五色能量飲品,你可能會感受到前所未有的活力。因此在喝完五種顏色即榨新鮮蔬菜混合飲料或五色長壽果蔬汁之後練習這個容易學習的太極拳的畫彩虹 基本功,實在是容易之舉。

INSTRUCTIONS: In one continuous motion slowly —

Raise your hands above your head, pivot your heel and waist to the side, and look at the center of your outstretched palm 勞宮 with the other hand over the crown of the head 百會. Turn your heel and waist back to the center position, (hands over head, facing front).
Visualize that you are gently rocking a rainbow back and forth as heel and waist turn.

At the center position slowly lower your hands, visualizing that your fingers are paint brushes painting a rainbow 畫彩虹.

The Paint the Rainbow Basic Movement 畫彩虹基本功 sinks the breath from the chest to the body’s center of gravity 丹田, with two immediate results:

  1. mental calm replaces stress and tension
  2. the amount of oxygen to the lungs increases, resulting in more stamina and endurance.

Paint the Rainbow Basic Movement 畫彩虹基本功 is done 3 times: to the left, to the right, and to left & right (long inhale), then the final move: Breathe to and from the 勞宮lao gong. All four are one continuous, smoothly flowing movement.

1. Paint the Rainbow to the left.

2. Paint the Rainbow to the right.

3. Paint the Rainbow to left and right.

4) Breathe to and from the 勞宮 lao gong .

Mentally, draw an imaginary line around your waist at your navel and gradually raise hands with relaxed wrists, as if you are slowly pulling your breath up from your waist with your wrists. Slightly lower elbows and turn palms forward, wrists down, bend your knees and breathe from your waist inhaling to the center of your palms. Exhale from the center of your palms back to your waist. Focus at your waist. Relax, be still.

Don’t TRY to breathe, just relax and be in the moment, aware of your breath. Keep breathing to and from the center of your palms until you sense a feeling of calm, as if your whole body is breathing. Lower hands back down and continue to focus at your waist.

It is not uncommon to sense the colors of the rainbow (赤、橙、黃、綠、青、籃、紫) around you as a cloud, as you stand still after completing the Paint the Rainbow Basic Movement 畫彩虹基本功.