Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What’s the difference between your proprietary Take5 Colors Instant Vegetable Drink Mix© and the Five Color Longevity Health Smoothie© on the web site?

A. Both blends provide all five colors in each serving, are nutrient dense, high energy and fast acting.

Both blends are formulated according to 五行 (Five Phase or Five Element) guidelines for balance 平衡 (克 – 生).

Both blends make it easy to get from one to five, or more, servings quickly, one in a smoothie, the other with dehydrated vegetable powder.

Vegetables and fruits
Except for beets, the vegetables and fruit in the smoothie are all different from those in the Take5 Colors Drink Mix.

Equal amounts vs. varying amounts
With the single exception of kale, the smoothie consists of equal amounts of each vegetable or fruit. In the Take5 Colors Drink Mix there are varying amounts of each ingredient, because the Take5 Colors Instant Vegetable Drink Mix© is based on a conversion ratio of farm fresh to dehydrated that varies depending on each vegetable’s water content. The dehydration conversion ratio from fresh to dry for the Take5 Colors Drink Mix is complicated because the formula includes a balance of five-color root, stalk, leaf, bud-flower, and seed vegetables, including fruit-vegetables like tomato and sweet red pepper.

Minimal preparation time vs. instant
The smoothie requires minimal preparation time to cut up and blend the ingredients while the Take5 Colors Drink Mix produces an instant powder, requiring no preparation time.

Q. How do the five colors circulate in the body?

A. They (五種流行之氣) circulate through the meridians, joining in the eyes.

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The gods reside in the very center of the eye. The eyebrows are their flowery canopies; the five colors are their couches.
Yellow Court Classic 黃庭經

The medical application is found in Essential Subtleties on the Silver Sea: The Yinhai Jingwei; A Chinese Classic on Ophthalmology, by Sun Simiao (581–682), whose formulas are still used today.

It’s wise to study the Yinhai Jingwei to understand why the five colors are so powerful in the body. The reason goes back to the military strategy laid out in the Art of War 孙子兵法 by Sun Tzu.

There are only five primary colors, but their variations produce more hues than can ever be seen. 孙子兵法

正 & 奇 Cheng & Ch’i 
The classical Chinese viewpoint expressed in the Yinhai Jingwei is that maintaining good health through old age is like fighting a war.

The five colors wage a two pronged attack:

正 Directly they target the eyes.

奇 Indirectly they achieve victory by circulating throughout the rest of the body.

According to the classical Chinese viewpoint, when the five colors attack to defend the eyes against age-related macular degeneration, every other age-related degenerative ailment is also being attacked.

It’s similar to how government health agencies and nutritionists describe the anti-oxidant colors of vegetables and fruit as attacking free radicals, the culprits in over 50 age-related degenerative ailments. Healthcare professionals tell us that over a life span of 70 years the body will generate seventeen tons of free radicals that daily, attack every cell in the body about 10,000 times.

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